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2021-09-12 13:25:56

1.     Asia market rises after cold spell lifts oil

TOKYO(Reuters) - Asian stocks on Monday moved further away from four-year 

lows struck last week, as a cold spell in parts of the northern hemisphere pushed oil prices higher and relieved some of the bearish pressure on global markets.

寒潮提振油价 亚洲市场回暖




2.    Hong Kong Dollar Gains as Global Stimulus Bets Support Stocks

HongKong’s dollar strengthened for a second day as improved prospects for global stimulus spurred a rebound in equities that’s helped quell speculation the currency’s peg will end. The local dollar rose 0.09 percent to HK$7.79 against the greenback at 12.05 p.m.

全球经济刺激前景支撑股市 港元今日升值




3.    Twitter Loses Product, Engineering Chiefs in Major Shake-Up

Twitter Inc. is losing four members of its executive leadership team, including its product and engineering chiefs, as the social media company tries to revive growth after its stock lost half its value in 12 months.

The quartet of executives, including product head Kevin Weil and head of engineering Alex Roetter, chose to leave the company and take some time off, Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey said in a Twitter post.

推特人事大改组 首席产品经理和工程师出走

社交媒体推特过去一年中股价缩水一半;如今该公司在尝试恢复增长的努力中,失去四名高层管理人员,包括首席产品经理和首席工程师。公司的首席执行官Jack Dorsey在一条推特中说,包括首席产品经理Kevin Weil和首席工程师Alex Roetter在内的四位高管选择离开公司,休息一段时间。



4.    Half of Israel's Investment Billions Headed Abroad, Psagot Says

Half of the assets controlled by Israeli money managers will soon be deposited abroad, according to the chief executive officer of the country’s largest investment house. Sliding domestic returns are forcing portfolio managers to look overseas for alternatives, Psagot Investment House Ltd.’s Hagai Badash said. Half of Psagot’s investments in stocks are abroad and Israeli debt will fall to 70 percent of its total bond holdings this year from 75 percent last year.

Psagot: 以色列一半的投资基金走向国外

以色列最大投资公司Psagot首席执行官称,以色列货币经理人控制资产的半数将存至国外。PsagotHagai Badash说,国内收益的下降迫使投资组合经理向海外寻求机会。目前Psagot持有的股票半数为国外股票,而其持有的国内债券占总持有债券的比例也从去年的75%下降至70%



5.     Supernatural Dolls Welcome Aboard Thai Planes with Child Ticket

A Thai airline will allow passengers to purchase seats for life-like dolls that their owners treat as real children due to their belief that they possess supernatural powers. Thai Smile Airways, which is a part of national carrier Thai Airways International Pcl, said in an internal memo that dolls with tickets will be served snacks and drinks, though they will be barred from sitting in exit rows.